Carl Bly, President
National Computer Service Consultants, Inc.
200 E. Lexington Street, Suite 1201
Baltimore, Maryland  21202

Dear Mr. Carl Bly:

I am pleased to advise you that your firm has successfully completed a full document review of all HUBZone eligibility criteria as a result of the HUBZone Program Office Legacy Portfolio Review effort of 2011.  Our determination is that your concern's status as a "qualified HUBZone small business concern (SBC)" will continue.  In addition, since your firm was also up for recertification this year, the firm’s recertification requirements are also satisfied.  Therefore, your concern continues to be eligible to receive HUBZone contracting opportunities, and continues to be included in the listing of qualified HUBZone small business concerns found on the Internet at

This HUBZone Certification will remain in effect at least until the results of the 2010 census are publicly released, around mid-2011. This is provided that your concern remains in compliance with the program's other continuing eligibility requirements.

When you originally applied for HUBZone Program certification, your concern had to be registered in the Central Contractor Registration/Procurement Marketing and Access Network (CCR/SBA Supplemental Page) systems. For your concern to receive benefit from the HUBZone Program, that is, to be identified by contracting officers as eligible to receive HUBZone contracts and to be paid under any such contracts, it is essential that you continue to update your CCR/SBA Supplemental Page records at least annually, and more frequently if there have been material changes in your concern. If you need assistance in updating your CCR/SBA Supplemental Page records, please contact the CCR Assistance Center at 866.606.8220, or the SBA Supplemental Page Help Desk at PRONET@SBA.GOV.

Although your concern was approved under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code found in your firm's Small Dynamic Business Profile (SDBS) and the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) Profiles, this does not prevent your concern from being awarded contracts under other NAICS Codes, as long as the concern is qualified to and eligible as a small business. In this regard, please note that you are responsible for researching and identifying potential contracts that may be available through the HUBZone Program. However, the SBA can assist you in this effort through our Government Contracting web-site which you can access at This site provides a wide array of valuable Federal contract marketing material, including identification of specific contracting opportunities and points of contact at SBA and Federal acquisition agencies. I encourage you to make full use of the very valuable information on this web-site. Also, although your status as a certified HUBZone concern greatly improves your access to Federal contracts, this certification does not guarantee contract awards. Your ability to research opportunities and bid competitively will be the key to your success in this program.

Lastly, I'd like to encourage you to visit the counseling and online training available at  Many of the online resources will provide you with a thorough understanding of government contracting and working with government agencies.



Grande Lum
Office of HUBZone Program


  HUBZone Certification Number: 29364

Office of the HUBZone Program, U.S. Small Business Administration, 409 Third Street, SW, Washington, DC 20416